Countdown to Coalition Series Part 3: Sustaining The Public Purpose of Higher Education

February 2, 2024

“There’s a role we can play around helping to bring people together to work together to build a common good – that’s an area that needs a lot of help and it’s an opportunity for higher education to support engaged democracy.” -David Weerts

In this next installment of our Countdown to Coalition series, David Weerts (University of Minnesota) and Nick Benson (University of Iowa) join IAMNCC Executive Director Rob Barron to discuss how ideas around the public good impact the principles and practices that we use to do community engagement work, what that looks like here in the Midwest, and how our diverse coalition can engage in sustaining the public purpose of higher education. We thank David and Nick for sharing their expertise and insights in this discussion.

You can watch the video above, or on our YouTube channel.

“It’s a lot easier for our young people to see a shared future when they’re a part of the conversations in higher ed and in our communities.” – Nick Benson