Monique Ellefson

Director of Network Engagement

Monique joined Iowa & Minnesota Campus Compact in November 2017 as the VISTA Program Coordinator, and has since managed both the VISTA and AmeriCorps State programs. In Spring 2022, Monique transitioned to the Director of Network Engagement role to focus our larger network events such as the annual awards and Civic Action Academy student conference. In addition, Monique continues to serve as the Program Director for the Campus Compact Civic Leaders AmeriCorps Program, our AmeriCorps State grant in Iowa.

Monique’s journey into civic engagement began as an impassioned student leader at the University of South Dakota. This led her to serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA for Oregon Campus Compact and then as the VISTA Leader for Iowa Campus Compact. After her terms of service, she earned her Master’s of Science in Education at Indiana University, where she was a Graduate Assistant for Community Engagement. In her free time, Monique enjoys spending time with her two cats (Merlin and Pumpkin) and reading as many books as she can manage!

Contact Monique at 515-612-8231 or